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Meat from the Block House butchery

The consistently high quality of its meat has led to more and more restaurateurs and food retailers buying their beef from the Block House butchery (Block House Fleischerei GmbH), the butchery operation certified according to the IFS international quality standard.

Block House Fleischerei GmbH was founded at the company headquarters on the Hamburg Osterbekkanal in 1973 and is now located at Lademannbogen 127. This company was set up to ensure that Block House guests would only be served tender and juicy steaks of the utmost quality. Whilst the meat undergoes an ideal maturing process on its journey from the country of origin, after delivery it is checked by expert personnel according to strict criteria and then precisely portioned and packed for its ultimate consumption. All meat specialities served by us are processed in the Block House butchery operation – from steak and burgers through to carpaccio.

Portioned meat from the master butchery operation is quality in its greatest form, and exactly tailored to your requirements. It starts with the careful selection of our purchase sources by our own employees in the place of origin:
our prime-beef quality seal guarantees that our cattle are properly raised and can call the lushest meadows in the world their home. The meat primarily comes from Angus and Hereford cattle as well as cross-breeds of these species.

Processing – where quality is at home
A steak can only be as good as the people who process it. That is why every Block House employee is an experienced specialist in their field. We constantly strive to provide the ideal work conditions for our staff. Every employee is carried by the same motivation: to deliver the best possible quality at a fair price.

Quality with system
For the rapidly expanding system catering sector, not only the quality of the meat plays a large part, but also the quality of the service. The exact cut of the portioned meat is one of the prerequisites for the highest, professional quality in the kitchen and on the guest’s plate. Hence our experience butchers can guarantee the following: if you order a 230 g steak, you can also be sure of getting a 230 g steak. Our own logistics department takes care of fast, free delivery.


Karl-Heinz Krämer


Jörg Jablonski

Block House Fleischerei GmbH

Lademannbogen 127
22339 Hamburg

Tel.: +49 (0)40 538 007 - 0
Fax: +49 (0)40 538 007- 799



Christian Ortlepp

General Manager

Maik Remane

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