Mission statement and philosophy

Openness and honesty

We communicate with each other personally and directly, and find joint solutions through mutual trust.


We respect and look after each other, and acknowledge the work and performance of others.


We are aware of the importance of our actions and take responsibility for every individual in order to shape the future of our company successfully.


We achieve our targets by treating each other in a dependable and trusting manner.


We work with visible enthusiasm and commitment, and motivate each other to deliver the highest performance.


We are a quality supplier – and have become such as the result of experience. Our competence and success consist of the fact that we do not grow at any cost, but instead constantly improve ourselves based on our experience. This works because we are a strong community of experts and know our common objective: to be number one in terms of quality and service for our customers and guests.

Chairman of the Board

Stephan von Bülow

Managing Director

Karl-Heinz Krämer

Managing Director

Michael Kafka

General Manager

Isabell Kahlert

Block Gruppe

Eugen Block Holding GmbH
Lademannbogen 127
22339 Hamburg

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Fax +49 (0)40 538 007 - 346