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Not everyone can become a franchise partner with Block House. We are looking for entrepreneurial personalities who strongly identify with Block House and its philosophy, as well as those who are interested in a long-term, beneficial cooperation.

Success factors for Block House franchise partners

• Entrepreneurial thinking and ability to make decisions. You should be able to show evidence that you have initiative and have already achieved considerable personal success in your life. In assessing whether or not you meet the franchise requirements, please be brutally honest with yourself.
• Own capital of at least €500,000 per planned location.
• Retail experience, business knowledge.
• Leadership qualities and experience in managing at least 20 employees.
• Focus on service-oriented treatment of guests. This requires excellent social skills, sensitivity and stamina.
• You're ready and able to manage your own restaurant.
•  Ability to work as part of a team. As a franchise partner, you will implement the Block House concept, but this means that you will not always have complete freedom of choice even though you act as an independent business.
• Familiar with the language and local customs in your area of operation.
• Experience in gastronomy/systems catering, ideally in a multi-unit operation.

When shouldn’t I apply?

• If you don't want to serve in your own restaurant.
• If you're not prepared to invest lots of time, work and passion in your restaurant.
• If a snazzy business card is more important to you than being a genuine entrepreneur with a high level of motivation and lots of good ideas.
• If you do not have at least €500,000 of your own capital and cannot finance the remaining investment costs.
• If you have no business acumen.
• If you do not have several years of in-depth experience in staff management.
• If you only plan to be working for a few more years and see the whole enterprise as a "pension plan".
• If you only want to open a restaurant with others (friend, acquaintance or business partner) and do not hold at least a 51% stake in the managing company.
• If you are not prepared to bear the business risk.
• If you are a lone wolf not suited to working as part of a team: open exchange of experiences with Block House and full acceptance of Block House guidelines are crucial to the success of the venture.
• If you are not prepared to spend at least 4 months training in one of our training restaurants.

One-off and on-going costs

Your investment costs per restaurant (including complete furnishing and technical equipment) will be 1.5 to 2.0 million euros.
There is a one-off fee for construction planning, restaurant planning and support prior to the opening of 75,000 euros plus VAT per location (depending on franchise model).
The on-going franchise fee is 4-6% of net turnover plus VAT. 

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