The ideal property for a Block House freestander

The Block Group welcomes more than 6 million guest every year, mainly in the Block House and Jim Block restaurants but also in the famous hotel Grand Elysée Hamburg. With an impeccable market image, excellent product quality and high performance Block House focuses on a new independent and attractive freestander concept. In order to be able to offer our guests an uncomparable gastrononmic experience we are constantly looking for interesting locations all over Germany.


  • in hamburg
  • directly visible from arterial roads



  • many offices, housing areas
  • ideally gastronomy, entertainment complexes, super markets, shopping centers
  • parking lots



  • size of 2.500 sq.m (if parking lot is not part of the property)
  • size of 3.000 - 3.500 sq.m (if parking lot is included)


Prerequesites for a concession

  • open architecture
  • one-storey (plus one additional floor for storage etc.)
  • slightly raked roofs (as displayed in the image above)
  • 1.350 sq.m BGF
  •  parking space for 40 - 70 vehicles on the property or the neighbouring one
  • accessible for vehicles from every direction

E.B.K. Immobilien GmbH

Lademannbogen 127
22339 Hamburg

Chief Executive Officer

Dipl.-Ing. Wiebke Bonke

Tel.: +49 (0)40 538 007 - 120
Fax: +49 (0)40 538 007 - 146

E-Mail: wiebke.bonke(at)

E.B.K. Immobilien

E.B.K. Wohn-und Geschäftsimmobilien is owned by the property company E.B.K. Immobiliengesellschaft b.R. and is managed and given comprehensive support by Block Bau GmbH which is responsible for rent and management of the Block Group property. Our tenants always find competent, professionally trained and friendly contact persons in our administration staff who ensure optimal support. Interested tenants can directly turn to the Block Bau GmbH office at any time.