Block Daten

‘Carefully kept accounts are a sine qua non for any organisation. Without properly kept accounts it is impossible to maintain truth in its pristine purity.’  Mahatma Gandhi (1869–1948)Block Daten GmbH is the central administration company for the Group. Everything surrounding the Block Group’s finances is controlled from here.All costs and revenue are checked and the flow of goods is posted in the accounts. The profit-oriented management of the accounts is also complemented by a comprehensive group controlling and reporting system. The area of personnel management and payroll are also incorporated in Block Daten GmbH, meaning that all the Group’s administration matters remain in one set of hands. It is quite clear: quality requires reliable controlling.Block Daten GmbH is divided into three departments:


• Financial accounting
• Merchandise management
• Annual financial statements
• Insurance
• Vehicles
• Leasing

Controlling and assistance

• Reporting
• Cash management
• Group controlling
• Administration and assistance

Personnel department

• Personnel management
• Payroll accounting

Facts and figures

• 23 employees

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Kafka

Chief Executive Officer

Kai Wengerowski