Block Bau GmbH

Block Bau GmbH was founded in 1977.
Since then, all pending building projects have been developed, planned, implemented and optimally supported in every respect by Block Bau GmbH.

The high demands we require from our architects and engineers guarantee that our sophisticated designs are developing constantly. 

Our innovative team, made up of architects, engineers and technicians, is responsible for design and construction planning including the realisation of all the restaurant constructions, as well as for the project development and realisation of residential and commercial buildings.

In addition, restaurant renovations, refurbishments and facelifts are planned and carried out by Block Bau GmbH.

Furthermore, Block Bau GmbH is involved in the development of new restaurant concepts and designs.

Renovations and building alterations in the Grand Elysée Hotel Hamburg, including the concept and the realisation stage, equally belong to the tasks performed by Block Bau GmbH.

This link takes you to EBK Immobilien and our current projects.

Block Bau GmbH

Lademannbogen 127
22339 Hamburg

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of 300 rooms in the Grand Elysée Hotel

Project development
Block House Freestander

Block House butchery, new construction burger line

Chief Executive Officer

Andreas Fickenwirth